Nexus Real Estate v. Ericson, 2017 PA Super. 180, No. 972 WDA 2016 (June 12, 2017)

In November 2014, Tenant John Erickson learned that the ownership and management of the 47-unit apartment building in which he had lived for 12 years had changed. That same month, a section of Tenant’s bathroom ceiling fell into his bathtub.  He reported the event to Landlord, but the condition was not immediately addressed.  Nor was it addressed […]

In re Staico, 143 A.3d 983 (Pa. Super. 2016)

The testator, Albert Staico, Jr., had moved in with his longtime girlfriend Emma in 2008.  In May 2011, Mr. Staico asked Emma to contact an attorney to draft a will for him.  At the time of Mr. Staico’s appointment with an attorney to do so, he was in the hospital; Emma attended the appointment alone and informed […]

In re: Baby S.S., 128 A.3d 296 (Pa. Super. 2015)

S.S. (“Mother”) and L.S. (“Father”) were a married couple who wished to have a baby but experienced difficulties with fertility.  They ultimately decided to have a donor egg fertilized by the Father’s sperm, which would then be carried by a surrogate, or gestational carrier.  The Parents entered into contracts with a company that matches surrogates […]